The very first season of Coral is coming quickly and we hope you guys are excited for it. We'd also like to welcome you to the first ever post on our new website. We plan to use this for announcements in the future so we can share more details compared to posting in our discord like before. Don't worry though we will still actively be using the discord to interact with you guys.


                        September 20th @ 2pm EST


If you guys aren't aware already Coral is our brand new Skyblock Realm focused on highly competitive gameplay. Unlike other seasons where we tried to blend Casual and Competitive gameplay Coral will only be competitive and have features focused on that.

We have been hard at work on Coral and are excited for you guys to finally see all the amazing features we have.


We are excited to announce some cool new donator ranks exclusively on Coral.

 • Clam

 • Jellyfish

 • Lobster

 • Sponge

 • Seal

 • Dolphin

 • Beluga.

These ranks are exclusive to Coral and do not transfer to any other realms.


You guys have been asking so here are the new island top rewards for Coral.

🥇 $40 PayPal or $150 Store Credit

🥈 $20 PayPal or $75 Store Credit

🥉 $10 PayPal or $50 Store Credit

These are paid out seasonly to the top islands.

We hope you guys are excited for the upcoming season and hope to see everyone there!

Be sure to check out our discord if you have any questions or want to keep up to date with all the latest news and information.